Odour Control System - Animal by Products Rendering

Hygrade delivered a two-stage scrubber system for rendering specialist Prosper De Mulder Limited (PDM), with a highly effective odour control package designed to remove foul odours.

PDM is part of the SARIA group of companies operating large-scale rendering plants handling Category 3 animal by-products, to produce high quality fats and proteins.

Designed and manufactured to British Standard BS 4994, the installation is the second scheme Hygrade has provided for PDM, with a similar package designed, supplied and installed at their Silvertown, London premises in 2012.

The latest odour plant comprises a first stage wet chemical scrubber, using a weak sulphuric acid solution to remove ammonia from the gas stream, followed by a second-stage, deep bed, activated carbon filter to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). The package also included recirculation pump and pipework for the scrubber, an extract fan set, interconnecting ductwork and installation of a grease filter to protect the carbon media before the carbon bed.

PDM is delighted to report that both plants are drastically reducing odours from their sites – with a significant decline in complaints from local residents.