Hydrogen Chloride Gas Venturi Scrubber

Hygrade recently supplied a multi-stage Venturi scrubber package to a blue-chip UK pharmaceutical company.

The new gas scrubbing plant replaced a less efficient, existing scrubber and was specially designed to cool and remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl) from one of the client’s processes. The system’s design requirements included support for an airflow of 200 kg/hr, removing HCl gas at 180ºC.

The scrubbing plant comprises a first-stage quench tower, manufactured from Hastelloy C-22, to cool gases before the HCl is removed via four, all GRP Venturi scrubbers. These are fabricated with a high temperature resin operating in series, the quench tower and Venturi scrubbers being mounted on a common recirculation/sump tank.

The package was supplied complete with a PFA-lined recirculation pump, PTFE-lined carbon steel recirculation pipework, water feed and drain pipework, with the Venturi scrubbers and recirculation tank designed and manufactured to British Standard BS 4994.

All equipment, including instrumentation, was mounted onto a base skid, fully assembled and tested in-house, at Hygrade Works, before transportation to site.