Wet Scrubber, Chemical Storage Tanks and Refurbishments

Leading specialist waste manager Augean PLC called on Hygrade to provide a major tank farm installation at a processing plant in the northeast of England.

The new scrubber and storage tank refurbishment were all designed, manufactured and installed to British Standard BS 4994 in a complex refurbishment using Hygrade’s extensive in-house design, manufacture and installation capability.

Augean is the sector leader in handling and processing hazardous waste, providing sustainable, compliance-led solutions for the UK’s more difficult to handle liquid waste streams.

While the tank farm was a new-build project, chemical storage tanks were transported from a redundant Augean plant for reuse on site. Hygrade’s input included a new ventilation scrubber and recirculation pump, the refurbishment of an existing ventilation scrubber and three storage tanks. New interconnecting ductwork and discharge stacks were also provided, along with double diaphragm pumps to transfer waste liquor to chemical storage tanks.

Hygrade also supplied new MAG drive pumps for the recirculation and transfer of waste liquor from the chemical storage tanks to an existing mixer, as well as interconnecting and transfer pipework to deliver a fully functioning, effective process.