2-Stage Chlorine Gas Scrubber and Sodium Hypochlorite destruction with Hydecat™

Hygrade’s vast experience in Chlorine Scrubbing was called upon when their client’s pilot cell room lost access to a shared fume extraction scrubber and effluent treatment at its neighbouring plant.

Hygrade designed, manufactured and installed a 2-stage packed tower scrubber to treat highly concentrated Chlorine gas (Cl2) at over 40m3/hr which required reduction from over 534,000mg/mto less than 1mg/m3.

The 1st stage scrubber dosed with 1% NaOH scrubber solution removing the majority of contaminants and the 2nd stage scrubber dosed with 18% NaOH to ensure any peaks of Cl2 were mopped up before being exhausted to the atmosphere.

It was essential that blow-down spent Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) was treated to achieve a level lower than 9ppm NaOCl before entering the drainage. Hygrade’s Hydecat™ reactor was the best option providing continual and long-life treatment.

The Hydecat™ reactor installed was designed to treat NaOCl concentrations higher than 56,000ppm with over 99.99% reduction efficiency.

Hygrade also provided all dosing equipment, pipe work, fans, pumps, instrumentation and exhaust chimneys.